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This project supports young women studying in non-traditional fields. Our aim in this project is to promote gender equality and leadership. In particular, we support girls who come from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who are studying in non-traditional disciplines at the Fiji National University (FNU). FAWG believes that if women are to be empowered and contribute effectively to leadership and decision-making in society, they need to be supported in education, particularly in areas where there is low female participation.

Since its inception in 2004, the Fund has successfully supported 8 young women who studied in the fields of Automotive and Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Civil Engineering, and Tertiary teaching in Agricultural Science. We have one current scholarship recipient studying
Aircraft Engineering (Mechanical) at FNU.

Applications are now closed for the Fiji Association of Women Graduates (FAWG) Scholarship Fund, but the information below contains requirements should you be interested in applying to the Fund in the next intake.

If you have any queries, click here to leave a message.

Eligibility requirements: Applicants must –

1) Be a female student in her second year of study at the Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT).
2) Studying in a ‘non-traditional field’ which include Building & Civil (e.g. Plumbing, Carpentry) Electrical & Electronic, Automotive, Mechanical, Maritime and related fields.
3) Have a grade B average in her first year examination result.
4) Come from an economically disadvantaged background.

Please submit the following documents with your application:

1) Two references; one academic and one for character.
2) One recent passport-sized photograph.
3) An essay (not more than 300 words) outlining your personal background, your education journey and the challenges faced. Also include your dream/vision and how you hope to achieve it.


The following is an introduction made by a successful FAWG sponsored scholar at the 2009 International Women’s Day Free Film Night screening of Whale Rider.

Women Can Do Anything

A message from a FAWG Scholar by Doreen Prasad

A very good evening to all, first of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Doreen Dipika Prasad of 19 and so far I have completed my Diploma and Advance Diploma in Civil Engineering through the aid I was given by Fiji Association of Women Graduates.

I come from a very poor family background with dreams of becoming one of the best civil engineers in the world one day and I believe I can do it. Also I am currently employed in a structural engineering firm as a structural draftslady and I am involved in site inspections, lab tests and drafting.

The encouragement I received from the members of Fiji Association of Woman Graduates was enormous. If it would not have been for their help monetarily I may still have been uneducated and probably a cashier somewhere or even mothering a few children as happens in our Indian culture.

FAWG picked me up from a school leaver to now a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) professional …I am really very thankful to the association for I see my dreams taking life.

With these few words I really would like to study further and I could do with all the support I can get from my sponsors because there are girls like me to have what it takes but are restricted from having even the dreams of dominating a male dominated field and are sitting in the corner of the kitchen looking at the black smoke stain on the ceiling with all their dreams closed in the cooking pot.

So before I leave the stage, I would like to share this quote with all of you as is a summary of a journey so far in engineering.

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, ‘she doesn’t have what it takes’. They will say ‘women don’t have what it takes’. “By Clare Boothe Luce

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