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IFUW Programme For Action

The Power of Education in Effecting Change

IFUW Programme for Action

This is the title of the International Federation of University Women’s (IFUW) new Programme for Action that aims to enable women to achieving equity in all aspects of life. IFUW has chosen to focus on four themes: Education for Empowerment and Leadership, Education for Freedom from Violence, Education for Financial Independence, Employment and Entrepreneurship and Education for Sustainable Futures. A special cross-cutting theme has been chosen as a focus for work at the international level for the next three years (2010 – 2013): “Education for the Realization of Rights”.

The 2010-2013 Programme for Action was launched and discussed during the 2010 IFUW conference in Mexico City. FAWG was well represented in the conference as key members were able to attend and participate in this international conference of all women graduate organisations. This Programme is now currently being implemented through various projects and campaigns not only in FAWG but also in other graduate women federations and associations.

Here are excerpts from the document about the four core areas of the Programme:

Education for Empowerment and Leadership

Raise awareness and understanding and create opportunities through ongoing formal and informal education for women and girls to become literate, knowledgeable and independent and take an equal role in leadership and decision-making in both individual and public life.

Education for Freedom from Violence

Raise awareness and understanding of what constitutes violence and how to take action to create environments in which nations, communities and individuals can prosper free from physical, psychological, economic, social and cultural violence.

Education for Financial Independence, Employment & Entrepreneurship

Raise awareness and understanding for women and girls to become financially literate and learn to understand how to obtain and manage finances and other resources, matters essential for women’s autonomy. And by doing this, create opportunities for women to become employed, self-employed and / or entrepreneurs.

Education for Sustainable Futures

Raise awareness and create opportunities through ongoing formal and informal education on how to live in a way that sustains environmental, social and economic processes and ensures a just distribution of resources.


To see and read the whole document, click here.

Would you like to be involved in implementing this Programme of Action in Fiji? Join us as a member or volunteer. Click here for details!

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