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The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect: The world’s greatest untapped solution.

The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect organisation’s inspirational message is similar to the Fiji Association of Women Graduates. We also believe that educating girls and women not only empowers us but creates a ripple effect in solving the world’s greatest problems.

Here’s an excerpt from their media kit that basically says it all:

She’s the economic backbone of her family: the chore doer, the caretaker, the insurance policy. She’ll be the mother of the next generation. She will reinvest 90 percent of her income into her family, generating a powerful ripple effect. Her brother? Thirty to forty percent.

When she’s educated through secondary school, she’ll bring 25% more income into her family. When she’s healthy, her community’s health will improve as maternal mortality and child malnutrition drop, and HIV rates decline. She will drive 70% of agricultural production. She is an unrealized economic force, accelerating growth and progress in every sector.

Exclude her and the world misses out on an enormous opportunity. Kenya would gain $27 billion in potential income per generation if its female secondary school dropouts continued their education. Brazil foregoes an average of $17.3 billion per year as a result of girls’ joblessness. India sacrifices a potential of $100 billion over a lifetime due to adolescent pregnancy.

There are 600 million adolescent girls in the developing world. Invest in their lives, and many more lives benefit.

The video clip below is an engaging portrayal of the situation and the solution:

Be part of the change.

Perhaps you would like to join us for the cause of education and give something back to your less fortunate sisters and friends? Find out the benefits of membership and how to become a FAWG member here. If you are a non-graduate, you can still help by volunteering. Some information about our volunteer scheme can be found here. Lastly, if you would like to make a generous donation to our Scholarship Fund that pays for the tuition fees of some young women scholars studying in non-traditional fields at FNU or in any of our other current projects, please contact us at


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