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Do you want to change the world?

Here is the powerful truth: Educating women and girls can transform families, communities, and the world. At Graduate Women (Fiji), we are all about educating women and girls. Therefore, by joining or helping us YOU can change the world.


Why become a member?

International fellowships, Professional Development and Networking

As a full member of Graduate Women International (GWI) based in Geneva, GWF opens many doors for you. Gain access to free webinars, worldwide events, international fellowships and a global network of graduate women.

Members-only Resources

Take advantage of the members-only resources section of our website where you will find guides, how-to’s, CV templates and other documents that will help you reach your professional goals.

Membership Kit

Receive some GWF merchandise complete with a membership card that rewards members with friendly discounts in different retailers and restaurants.

Workshops and Training

Special 10% Discount on all GWF ticketed Workshops and Training.

Leadership training and skills

Obtain leadership training and experience through an Annual Leadership Conference only for members.

GWF signature

Download the GWF e-mail signature and logo which you can use in your emails or website to show proof of membership.

Graduate Women (Fiji) is passionate about empowering  women and girls in Fiji through lifelong education.

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